The Power Of Manifestation - Reflections From My First Year As A Yoga Teacher

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Today I woke up with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. On this day one year ago, I graduated as a Yoga instructor on the beautiful, magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. I describe this island as magical as in a way, that was what happened during my 3 months there - magic! Or so I thought.

What this period of time really showed me was how I had the power to manifest what I wanted in life. To even be there, and to be graduating as a yoga instructor was a powerful manifestation in itself.

It was something that I had spent over 1 year manifesting - by consciously visualizing it every single day and doing the necessary preparation to make it happen (attending studio classes 5 times a week and studying yoga philosophy whilst working a tiring, full-time job in hospitality). It happened because I wanted it with my entire heart and soul and because I did everything necessary to make it happen.

However, during my stay, I found myself manifesting more and more of what I wanted. Before travelling to Koh Phangan I knew I would do my training there and could see myself teaching somewhere in Asia afterwards. I also had a strong feeling that during my travels I would meet someone who would change my life completely. I was able to see and sense these things because I was connected enough to my intuition.

Immediately after completing my training, I began teaching at the school I had trained at and also manifested another teaching opportunity to teach yoga at a Muay Thai gym on the island. This is what lead me to meet the guy who did change my life completely! - But that's a whole other story in itself. Amazingly, I then found an opportunity to teach at a retreat centre in Cambodia, despite having just graduated and with such little experience. It was exactly what I had visualised!

The beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand

Returning To Europe

Eventually, it came the time to return to Europe. This brought mixed emotions. Of course, I could not wait to see my family again, but I had no idea what my future held. However, what I did have was a newfound complete and utter trust in the universe. In the space of a couple of months, the universe had given me the two biggest blessings in my life - my dream career, and my soulmate.

So, even though the first few months back in England were hard, and transitioning back to western society was as challenging as I expected, I was still harnessing the power of manifestation. I had a few months in London living back home with my parents whilst my partner and I planned out our new life together.

This brought a big lesson of patience, but my strong desire to teach yoga combined with my high productivity and go-getter attitude secured me with an abundance of yoga classes I could cover for other teachers during the summer, leading up until the time I was leaving London. How perfect!

The Current Chapter

Fast forward to today and we have been living in Brighton for 6 months now. Recently, I have witnessed the law of attraction and power of manifestation multiple times. But the biggest thing I have observed is how my energy and my vibration determines how easily I can manifest.

When I first moved to Brighton I was still on a high vibration and found some great opportunities to set up a few yoga classes which some people may have described as 'good luck'.

However, during the winter I felt like I was becoming 'stuck' and unable to move forward. Suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I could feel my energy and vibration were low. I had a lot of goals that I wanted to achieve but I felt unable to reach them. I came to a standstill, riddled with anxiety and stuck in a negative thought pattern. I ended up working a job that I had no interest in just to make enough money.

"The mind is everything. What you think you become" - Buddha

However, spring began, the weather improved, the days became lighter and I noticed a significant boost in my mood and energy. I felt positive and motivated again. New opportunities began to come my way, my classes got busy and I felt a great abundance in my life and career.

In a very short space of time, I was able to quit my 'other' work and start teaching full time. This involved some major risk-taking that many people would not have had the guts to do. But I didn't question it for a second. My intuition was so strong that I instantly knew the decisions I needed to make and the things I needed to do to move towards my dream life, even when some of those things were difficult and uncomfortable.

How Manifestation Works

Many people think that to manifest something in their life they just need to visualise and think about it. But that is just the first part. As well as thinking positively about what you want to achieve, thinking about it regularly and visualising it with as much detail as possible, you need to do the work to make it happen! You need to be productive.

Just sitting around thinking about what you want is not going to make things happen. Opportunities do not appear out of thin air. They 'appear' when you are clear on your intentions, you put all your 'thought energy' into those intentions, and you do everything possible to move closer towards them.

However, the most vital component I have found in order to be able to manifest is your own vibe. If you are creating negative energy, thinking negative thoughts and generally on a low vibration, it will never be possible to manifest your desires. Manifestation is working with the universe to create the life you want. It is a co-creation that happens through a connection. You cannot connect to the universe when you are on a low vibration, as I have learned from experience.

But, cultivating a connection with the universe and raising your vibration is not something you can do overnight. It is something that comes through a dedicated and regular path of personal and spiritual development. Without these years of experience practising yoga and mediation, combined with exploring and focusing on my personal and spiritual development, it would not have been possible for me to manifest any of these incredible things I have co-created over the last 12 months.

Thinking back over this past year, I feel immense gratitude for all of the teaching opportunities I have had, to have been able to share my passion with people from all over the world, teach in Thailand, Cambodia, London and Brighton, and for the connections I have made with my students.

Most importantly, I am entirely grateful to the yoga teachers I have studied and practised with all over the world throughout my yoga journey. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is a continuous spiritual path of self-development and I'm so excited to continue this path and experience all that the universe has to offer, the highs and the lows.

Be the energy you want to attract!

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